What is a optical reticle


What is a optical reticle

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What is a reticle?

The reticle is generally installed on the focal plane of the right objective lens of the telescope. It is a thin glass with a very thin surface engraved with reticle dense bit lines. Since this thin glass theoretically also participates in imaging, the focal length of the objective lens is extended. , will have more or less effect on the length of the right eyepiece.

Chinese name reticle光学分划板

Foreign name Reticle

Material: Optical thin glass/quartz glass

Mounted on the right eyepiece focal plane of the telescope

Inspection and calibration of total station reticle

English name: Reticle

Verifiable resolution and optical transfer function
The reticle requires extremely high cleanliness. Any tiny dust will produce large black spots during observation. At the same time, the installation position of the reticle requires extremely high accuracy. Therefore, try not to disassemble it. If disassembled, it must be as it is. recovery.

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