optical products Short pass filter optical equipment tools

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optical products Short pass filter
Optical Filter
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optical products Short pass filter
optical products Short pass filter
optical products Short pass filter
optical products Short pass filter
optical products Short pass filter

 optical products Short pass filter optical equipment tools 
The short-wave pass filter is a cut-off filter in the interference filter. The cut-off filter is divided into a long-wave pass filter and a short-wave pass filter, that is, the light beam in a certain wavelength range is required to transmit and deviate from this. The wavelength of the beam changes to cut-off. Usually, we call the filter that reflects (cut-off) the short-wave region and transmits the long-wave region a long-wave pass filter. On the contrary, the short-wave direction is transmitted, and the long-wave direction is cut off, which is used for isolation. The function of long wave is called short wave pass filter.

Product Name : 420nm Short Wave Pass Filter
Cut-off wavelength:  (λcut-off) 420±2nm
Cutoff range :  420nm-780nm
Product size : 2mm~100mm (can be customized according to customer requirements)
Cut-off : depth OD2~OD6 (according to customer requirements)
Product substrate :  K9, BK7, B270, D263T, Corning, fused silica, tinted glass
Surface finish : U.S. military standard 60-40, national standard three

In a specific wavelength range, the short-wave pass filter is transparent in the short-wave direction, while the long-wave direction is cut off, which plays the role of isolating the long wave and passing the short wave. Shenzhen Pingzhi Optical uses a transmittance of 50 for the short-wave pass filter. The % wavelength point identifies the positioning point, and the model is represented by SPF. The short-wave pass filter produced by our company has high pass rate, up to 95%; high cut-off depth, up to OD4. At the same time, it also has the characteristics of wide spectral cut-off range, multiple specifications optional, accepting special specifications customization, and short delivery cycle.

The dielectric short-pass filter is a filter made of optical coating, and it is a reflective short-pass filter. It is often used to correctly select the wavelength band of transmitted or cut-off light. made of quartz glass material. When a mixed beam with multiple wavelengths passes through the filter, the interference effect produces extremely high light transmittance in specific short wavelength bands and reflection and absorption of light in longer wavelength bands. The transition band between the transparent and cutoff bands of the filter is very narrow and is sensitive to angle. Only when the incidence is vertical or nearly vertical, the output beam of the corresponding wavelength band can be obtained.

The positioning point of the short-wave pass filter is identified by the wavelength point with a transmittance of 50%, and the short-wave universal SPF code is indicated.

Main uses: Short-wave filters can effectively block light in the near-infrared band, and are widely used in various cold light sources, fiber optic lighting, LED lighting, metal halide lamp insulation and infrared cut-off filters. Optical imaging solutions: optical engines, digital cameras eliminate CCD , CMOS near-infrared interference filter, to ensure the normal operation of optoelectronic equipment. In addition to this, it can also be used as a dichroic mirror, stage filter, machine vision applications, etc.

The high-performance short-pass filter has a good cut-off at the cut-off when the through-hole transmittance is maximized. These filters have a cut-off band, an optical density of 4.0, and a comprehensive transmittance of not less than 91%, making them more suitable for a wide range of applications.

Application areas: digital imaging, stage lighting systems, medical testing instruments, fingerprint recognition applications, face recognition attendance instruments, beauty instruments, iris recognition system applications, optical fiber lighting, optical instruments, etc. Fingerprint identification machine, CMOS chip color camera, ccd chip color camera, security camera photoresistor black and white switching light shield, security monitor (CCTV) camera, network camera, electronic toy camera, video phone, video doorbell, etc.



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The company adheres to the five-in-one core values of customer service, precision and truth-seeking, honesty and mutual assistance, continuous innovation, and people-oriented. It works diligently in the field of optical and optoelectronic component manufacturing to achieve a win-win situation with customers; it is determined to achieve a win-win situation with customers through efficient management, top-notch technology and equipment, As well as the joint efforts of all employees, we have become China's leading and world-renowned supplier of optical and optoelectronic components. At the same time contribute to the social state.

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