650nm Bandpass optical Filter optical elements

Optical Filter

Bandpass optical Filter
Optical Filter
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Bandpass optical Filter
Bandpass optical Filter
Bandpass optical Filter
Bandpass optical Filter
Bandpass optical Filter

 Bandpass optical Filter 650nm Bandpass optical Filter optical elements 

optical filter, light filter

An optical device used to select the desired radiation band. A common feature of filters is that no filter can make an image of an object brighter, because all filters absorb certain wavelengths, making the object darker.

These are flat glass or gelatin sheets of various colors with a transmission bandwidth of hundreds of angstroms, and are mostly used in broadband photometry or in stellar spectrographs to isolate overlapping spectral orders. Its main feature is that the size can be made quite large.

Filter products are mainly classified by spectral band, spectral characteristics, film material, application characteristics, etc.

Spectral band: UV filter, visible filter, infrared filter;

Spectral characteristics: bandpass filter, cut-off filter, spectral filter, neutral density filter, reflection filter;

Film material: soft film filter, hard film filter;

The hard-coated filter not only refers to the hardness of the film, but also its laser damage threshold, so it is widely used in laser systems, while the soft-coated filter is mainly used in biochemical analyzers.

Bandpass type: Light in the selected band is passed, and light outside the passband is cut off. Its optical indicators are mainly central wavelength , half bandwidth . Divided into narrowband and broadband. Such as narrow band 808 filter .

Short-pass type (also called low-pass): Light shorter than the selected wavelength passes through, and light longer than the wavelength is cut off. Such as infrared cut filter.

Long-pass type (also called high-pass): Light longer than the selected wavelength passes through, and light shorter than the wavelength is cut off, such as infrared transmission filter, 

Product advantages
It adopts imported ultra-thin optical glass, which has optical characteristics such as high transmittance, good finish, small thickness tolerance and good flatness. It adopts ion sputtering coating process of imported coating equipment. Strong stability, ion evaporation, small temperature drift, high penetration rate, high cut-off depth. At the same time, the product can be customized according to customer requirements, both square and round.

Optrytech Professional manufacturers to ensure product stability and consistency, quality assurance, timely delivery, price concessions!

Optical index
Center wavelength: 650±3nm
Transmittance: T>90%
Half Bandwidth: 20nm
Cut-off band 400nm-620nm
Cutoff rate: T<0.1%
Application field
Fluorescence analyzer, microplate reader, cable TV upgrade equipment, wireless transmission equipment, mobile phone barcode scanning, infrared electronic whiteboard, infrared camera, infrared touch screen, iris recognition, infrared medical equipment, infrared ink recognition, red film recognition, face recognition induction device system. Handheld infrared laser rangefinders, laser rangefinders, optical instruments, medical and health equipment and testing instruments.


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The company adheres to the five-in-one core values of customer service, precision and truth-seeking, honesty and mutual assistance, continuous innovation, and people-oriented. It works diligently in the field of optical and optoelectronic component manufacturing to achieve a win-win situation with customers; it is determined to achieve a win-win situation with customers through efficient management, top-notch technology and equipment, As well as the joint efforts of all employees, we have become China's leading and world-renowned supplier of optical and optoelectronic components. At the same time contribute to the social state.

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