What is absolute photoelectric/encoder scale/encoder disk/code plate?


What is absolute photoelectric/encoder scale/encoder disk/code plate?

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What is absolute photoelectric/encoder scale/encoder disk/code plate?

 Encoding disk is a digital encoder that measures angular displacement. It has the advantages of strong resolution, high measurement accuracy and reliable work, and is one of the most commonly used displacement sensors to measure the Angle of the axis. The code disk is divided into two types: absolute encoder and incremental encoder.

The former can directly give the digital code corresponding to the Angle position; The latter uses the calculation system to add and subtract the pulse increment generated by the rotation encoder scale for a reference number.  

Chinese name :光电码盘, high measurement accuracy and reliable work  classification Absolute encoder and incremental encoder  interpretation Digital encoder for measuring angular displacement  English translation encoding disk Outer diameter 10~100mm  Optical encoder characteristics Optical encoder Another absolute encoder is an optical encoder, a device made according to optical and photoelectric principles. It consists of light source, code disk, optical system and circuit 4.

The code disk is a code channel made into a binary code on a transparent or opaque base, equivalent to the conductive area and non-conductive area of the contact encoder.

The light is converted from the photoelectric element to the corresponding electrical signal through the code disk.

The accuracy of optical encoder is higher than 1/108, and the accuracy of radial indexing line is 0.067 arc seconds.

The standard code disk has been produced is pseudo random code, prime code, loop code, sine cosine code, logarithm code and binary decimal code.  Photoelectric encoder code disk  Photoelectric encoder is a kind of sensor that converts the mechanical geometric displacement on the output shaft into pulses or digital quantities by photoelectric conversion.

This is the most used sensor, photoelectric encoder is composed of code disk (grating disk) and photoelectric detection device. The code disk (grating disk) is to open several rectangular holes in a certain diameter of the circular plate.

Since the photoelectric encoder disk is coaxial with the motor, when the motor rotates, the code disk (grating disk) rotates at the same speed with the motor, and the detection device composed of leds and other electronic components detects and outputs several pulse signals. By calculating the number of output pulses per second, the current motor speed can be reflected.

 The material of encoder code plate is glass, metal, film, resin: glass encoder disk is corroded in the glass chrome surface to produce light and dark code channel, its thermal stability, high precision, fragile, high cost; The metal code plate is directly to pass and do not cut lines, not broken, but because the metal is not corrosion, easy to shape, the accuracy is limited, its thermal stability is to be less than the glass of order of magnitude; Plastic code plate is economical, its cost is low, not easy to break and deformation, but the accuracy, thermal stability, life is poor;

The process of resin encoding disk and glass code plate is close to each other, and it is also to corrode the chrome plating of the surface of light and dark resin, showing light and dark pulse, its advantage is that the precision is not easy to break, the disadvantage is easy to fly code at the high temperature of the environment, the price is relatively high.  characteristic Material: film (PET sheet base), thickness 0.10 mm or 0.18 mm;  High cost performance;  Resolution :32 CPR ~ 1024 CPR (28mm outer diameter); The operating temperature: 85x Max.

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