What is a film glass ruler? Film rulers are high-precision reference measuring instruments.


What is a film glass ruler? Film rulers are high-precision reference measuring instruments.

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What is a film ruler

Film rulers are high-precision reference measuring instruments.

Film scale features:

1. The film scale has excellent light transmittance, and the error caused by temperature is very small.

Second, the film ruler can obtain accurate readings without the need for expensive measuring instruments.

3. The magnifying glass can easily measure the distance and length of two or more consecutive points.

4. Accurately measure the reduction ratio of letterpress photo printing film.

5. Detect the metric size of the optical prediction map.

6. Measure the area of ​​various products.

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Line ruler, glass line ruler, standard glass ruler are widely used in measurement units at all levels, measurement rooms and workshops of research institutes and precision machining factories, and carry out accuracy testing and calibration of various measuring instruments and instruments. It is a high-precision reference measuring instrument. According to the different requirements of customers, we can develop and manufacture various measurement products. Re-calibrate the accuracy of the instrument or set a special calibration ruler for linear compensation on the grating ruler. The quality is guaranteed, the technology is superb, and the precision is leading.


How to use the film ruler

How to use the film ruler as follows:

Take the film ruler out of the box, place two 10x magnifying glasses, place the film ruler horizontally on the stage, move the magnifying glass A and prevent it from the 0 position (0 point) or place it at any starting point you want to measure. The reading can be obtained by moving the magnifying glass B to the desired measurement position. Then you can measure one by one in the same way.

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