Optical Tools Checker Chess Board metal aluminum material Calibration Target High Hardness Optical Calibration Instrument Calibration Plate

Metal Calibration Target

aluminum material Calibration Target
Metal Calibration Target
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aluminum material Calibration Target
aluminum material Calibration Target
aluminum material Calibration Target
aluminum material Calibration Target
aluminum material Calibration Target

High Accuracy Optical Tools Solid Dot calibration board Machine Vision Halcon Calibration Target
Matte metal aluminum calibration board: The biggest advantage of this calibration board is that it is anti-falling, durable, opaque and non-reflective. Its good surface diffuse reflection treatment solves the problem of reflection of the glass calibration plate in the case of the front light source during the application process, and better recognizes the details of the calibration pattern to achieve higher calibration and measurement accuracy.

What is the calibration plate?

Calibration Target corrects lens distortion for vision machine in machine vision, image measurement, photogrammetry, 3d reconstruction, etc.Determine the conversion between physical size and pixels;And to determine the relationship between the 3d geometric position of a point on the surface of a space object and its corresponding point in the image, it is necessary to establish a geometric model of camera imaging.The geometric model of the camera can be obtained by shooting the flat plate with fixed spacing pattern and calculating by the calibration algorithm, so as to obtain the high-precision measurement and reconstruction results.A plate with a fixed spacing pattern array is the Calibration Target.

Optical Tools Checker Chess Board Calibration Target High Hardness Optical Calibration Instrument Calibration Plate

We are specialized in the production of various specifications of optical components according to the customers' demand, And we are committed Industry Standard to offering our customers with excellent products, reasonable prices and high level of service.

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The Company Has Passed ISO9001: 2008 Quality Management System Certification 

Material: Soda Glass, Ceramic .metal material 

External Dimensions: 100mm*100mm*3mm(customization)

Accuracy: 0.001mm

Squares Size: 3mm*3mm (customization)

Application Range :

Professional used to measure the instrument to standardize calibration. Instruments to measure the workpiece before the calibration, this Calibration Targe as a standard sample. According to correspondence obtained from the standard values, Applicable Machine Vision,PCB Board,Metal Plating,Optical Image Coordinate Measuring Apparatus,Optical Image Profile Projector,Microscope,Mounter Etc. Instrument Calibration.


Optry Tech Co., Ltd. Specializes in the production of optical products. With creative and innovative spirits, we produce the following products: Chrome Mask Blanks, Optics Encoder disk, Grating Ruler, Glass Scale, Calibration Target, Calibration Plate, Resolution Test Plate, optical Reticle Glass , Wafer Glass,Monitor Glass, optical Flat ,optical Lens, Prism,Watch glass, Microscale, Table Glass ,Sillicon wafer glass , Correction Sheet, optical filters and so on ,Since its inception , OptryTech optical always adhere to the principle of "pursuit of quality, honesty and realism”. Except the pursuit of business development, at the same time , we pay much attention to enterprise management and after -sale services. And with good quality and service we have won many clients of home and abroad.

The company adheres to the five-in-one core values of customer service, precision and truth-seeking, honesty and mutual assistance, continuous innovation, and people-oriented. It works diligently in the field of optical and optoelectronic component manufacturing to achieve a win-win situation with customers; it is determined to achieve a win-win situation with customers through efficient management, top-notch technology and equipment, As well as the joint efforts of all employees, we have become China's leading and world-renowned supplier of optical and optoelectronic components. At the same time contribute to the social state.

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