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optical grating  ruler
Grating Ruler
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optical grating  ruler
optical grating scale  grating ruler
optical grating scale  grating ruler
  absolute Encoder Disk
absolute Encoder Disk

Introduction to photoelectric encoding disk & optical grating ruler

OEM high quality chemical etched absolute Encoder Disk glass reflective grating ruler grating scale manufacture

Glass encoding disk : incremental encoder disk & reflection code disc

Film encoding disk:transmission encoder disk &reflection code disk

Metal encoding disk

optical grating scale  refers to a digital encoder that measures angular displacement. It has the advantages of strong resolving power, high measurement accuracy and reliable work. It is one of the most commonly used displacement sensors for measuring the position of the shaft rotation angle. The optical grating scale  is divided into two types: absolute encoder and incremental encoder. The former can directly give the digital code corresponding to the angular position; the latter uses a computing system to make the pulse increment generated by the rotating optical grating scale   against a certain reference number addition and subtraction.

Optry Tech Co., Ltd. optical grating scale   materials include glass, film, metal. the glass optical grating scale  are corroded on the chrome-plated glass surface with light and dark code channels, which have good thermal stability, high precision, fragility and high cost ; The metal optical grating scale  is directly engraved with through and unconnected lines, and it is not fragile, but because the metal is not easy to corrode but easy deform, the accuracy is limited, and its thermal stability is an order of magnitude worse than that of glass; the film optical grating scale   is economical, Its cost is low, it is not easy to break and deform, but its accuracy, thermal stability, and life are worse. The resin code disc and the glass optical grating scale   are similar in craftsmanship. It also corrodes the chrome plating on the surface of the light and dark resin to show light and dark pulses. High precision and not easy to break, shortcomings are easy to skip code under the harsh environment and high temperature, the price is relatively high, and the processing technology is difficult。

Grating is a combination of digital technology and traditional printing technology, which can show different special effects on special films. Show the lifelike three-dimensional world on the plane, the smooth animation clips like a movie, and the incredible changing effect. A grating is a thin sheet of strip lenses. When we look from one side of the lens, we will see an image on the other side of the sheet as a very thin line, and the position of this line is determined by the viewing angle. Decide. If we print these images on different lines, corresponding to the width of each lens, and print them on the back of the lenticular sheet in order and line, when we look through the lens from different angles, we will see different images. Grating ruler: In fact, it plays a role in detecting the coordinates of the tool and the workpiece. It is often used in CNC machine tools to observe whether there is an error in the tool movement, so as to compensate for the error of the tool movement. Just like the human eye sees the effect of my cutting being biased, and then it can give the hand a standard for whether to adjust whether I want to change the force

Grating scale displacement sensor (grating scale for short) is a measuring feedback device which uses the optical principle of grating. Grating scale displacement sensor is often used in the closed-loop servo system of CNC machine tools to detect linear or angular displacement. The measured output signal is digital pulse, which has the characteristics of large detection range, high detection accuracy and fast response speed. For example, in CNC machine tools, it is often used to detect the coordinate of the tool and the workpiece, to observe and track the tool error, in order to play a role of compensating the tool's motion error.
The grating scale displacement sensor is divided into transmission grating and reflection grating according to the different manufacturing method and optical principle

The key part of grating detection device is grating reading head, which is composed of light source, converging lens, indicating grating, photoelectric element and adjusting mechanism. There are many structure forms of grating reading head, according to the structure characteristics and use of reading head is divided into direct receiving reading head (or silicon photocell reading head, mirror reading head, spectroscopic reading head, metal grating reflection type reading head).

Taking the transmission grating as an example, when a small Angle θ is formed between the line lines on the indicator grating and the line lines on the scale grating, and the two grating rulers are placed parallel to each other, under the irradiation of the light source, the light and dark stripes are formed on the almost vertical grid lines. The stripes are called Mohr's stripes (pictured right). Strictly speaking, the direction of moire fringe is perpendicular to the bisector of the Angle between two grating lines. The distance between two bright or dark lines in moire's fringe is called the width of moire's fringe and is represented by W.
W is equal to omega over 2 sine of theta over 2 is equal to omega over theta. [1]


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The company adheres to the five-in-one core values of customer service, precision and truth-seeking, honesty and mutual assistance, continuous innovation, and people-oriented. It works diligently in the field of optical and optoelectronic component manufacturing to achieve a win-win situation with customers; it is determined to achieve a win-win situation with customers through efficient management, top-notch technology and equipment, As well as the joint efforts of all employees, we have become China's leading and world-renowned supplier of optical and optoelectronic components. At the same time contribute to the social state.

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