Custom optical rotary code wheels encoder disc encoding disk

Encoder Disk

 optical rotary code wheels encoder disc encoding disk
Encoder Disk
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 optical rotary code wheels encoder disc encoding disk
 optical rotary code wheels encoder disc encoding disk
 optical rotary code wheels encoder disc encoding disk
 optical rotary code wheels encoder disc encoding disk
 optical rotary code wheels encoder disc encoding disk

Introduction to photoelectric encoding disk 

Custom optical rotary code wheels encoder disc encoding disk

Glass encoding disk : incremental encoder disk & reflection code disc


Metal encoding disk

Encoding disk refers to a digital encoder that measures angular displacement. It has the advantages of strong resolving power, high measurement accuracy and reliable work. It is one of the most commonly used displacement sensors for measuring the position of the shaft rotation angle. The code disc is divided into two types: absolute encoder and incremental encoder. The former can directly give the digital code corresponding to the angular position; the latter uses a computing system to make the pulse increment generated by the rotating code disc against a certain reference number addition and subtraction.

Optry Tech Co., Ltd. encoder code disc materials include glass, film, metal. the glass code discs are corroded on the chrome-plated glass surface with light and dark code channels, which have good thermal stability, high precision, fragility and high cost ; The metal code disc is directly engraved with through and unconnected lines, and it is not fragile, but because the metal is not easy to corrode but easy deform, the accuracy is limited, and its thermal stability is an order of magnitude worse than that of glass; the film code disc is economical, Its cost is low, it is not easy to break and deform, but its accuracy, thermal stability, and life are worse. The resin code disc and the glass code disc are similar in craftsmanship. It also corrodes the chrome plating on the surface of the light and dark resin to show light and dark pulses. High precision and not easy to break, shortcomings are easy to skip code under the harsh environment and high temperature, the price is relatively high, and the processing technology is difficult。

Optrytech Optics can provide materials of glass, film, metal, provide samples, can customize conventional pulse line pairs 256 lines, 500 lines, 1000 lines, 2400 lines, 3600 lines, 5000 lines, etc. Can be customized.


Optry Tech Co., Ltd. Specializes in the production of optical products. With creative and innovative spirits, we produce the following products: Chrome Mask Blanks, Optics Encoder disk, Grating Ruler, Glass Scale, Calibration Target, Calibration Plate, Resolution Test Plate, optical Reticle Glass , Wafer Glass,Monitor Glass, optical Flat ,optical Lens, Prism,Watch glass, Microscale, Table Glass ,Sillicon wafer glass , Correction Sheet, optical filters and so on ,Since its inception , OptryTech optical always adhere to the principle of "pursuit of quality, honesty and realism”. Except the pursuit of business development, at the same time , we pay much attention to enterprise management and after -sale services. And with good quality and service we have won many clients of home and abroad.

The company adheres to the five-in-one core values of customer service, precision and truth-seeking, honesty and mutual assistance, continuous innovation, and people-oriented. It works diligently in the field of optical and optoelectronic component manufacturing to achieve a win-win situation with customers; it is determined to achieve a win-win situation with customers through efficient management, top-notch technology and equipment, As well as the joint efforts of all employees, we have become China's leading and world-renowned supplier of optical and optoelectronic components. At the same time contribute to the social state.

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