focus Checkerboard Calibration Plate calibration target for image camera microscope

Ceramic Calibration Target

Checkerboard Calibration Plate
Ceramic Calibration Target
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Checkerboard Calibration Plate
Checkerboard Calibration Plate
Checkerboard Calibration Plate
calibration target for image camera microscope
Checkerboard Calibration Plate

focus Checkerboard Calibration Plate calibration target for image camera microscope

Calibration target

Application field

Optrytech optical glass series calibration boards and ceramic series calibration boards are commonly used calibration tools for customer groups such as university experiments, research unit project development and machine vision integrator product calibration, and can easily obtain camera calibration data.

Function of calibration board:

In order to correct lens distortion, determine the conversion relationship between physical dimensions and pixels, and determine the relationship between the three-dimensional geometric position of a point on the surface of a space object and its corresponding point in the image, a geometric model of camera imaging needs to be established. It is a high-precision calibration tool dedicated to research units and the field of vision, including three-dimensional image measurement, three-dimensional reverse engineering, three-dimensional matching, three-dimensional reconstruction, etc. The data of camera calibration results are mainly obtained through calibration software.


Optry Optics can customize various calibration plates and correction films.

Calibration board material:

Material 1: Soda glass: The color of the calibration plate used in Russia is silver, the color of the calibration plate in Germany and Austria and neighboring countries is blue; the color of the calibration plate in the United States and Japan is yellow. This color is determined by the coating process, and the quality of the calibration board cannot be judged by the color alone. The high-end color of the domestic calibration board is yellow, and the cost of other colors is relatively low. Standard manufacturing process: The glass substrate must be polished, cleaned, and coated. The film is firm and there are few defects in the post-production process. If one of the processes is reduced or the machine is not very good, the cost of the finished product will be much cheaper, and the quality must not be very good. Example: If it is made according to the normal process and the size is 63mm*63mm, the price for mass production is at least more than 100 yuan.

Material 2: The ceramic base standard board has the characteristics of low thermal expansion coefficient, high strength, high hardness, good wear resistance, low thermal conductivity, good acid and alkali resistance, etc., and its good surface diffuse reflection treatment solves the problem in the application process In the case of the front light source, the problem of reflection of the glass calibration plate can better identify the detailed information of the calibration plate pattern to achieve higher calibration accuracy and measurement accuracy.

Material 3: Quartz material, the material has good light transmittance, the biggest advantage: the coefficient of expansion is small. In the process of calibrating the instrument, it is not affected by the ambient temperature. The corresponding cost is also high. Quartz materials are divided into JGS1 and JGS2. JGS1 is expensive. JGS2 is relatively cheap and has bubbles inside.

Material 4: Matte metal aluminum calibration board: The biggest advantage of this calibration board is that it is anti-falling, durable, opaque and non-reflective. Its good surface diffuse reflection treatment solves the problem of reflection of the glass calibration plate in the case of the front light source during the application process, and better recognizes the details of the calibration pattern to achieve higher calibration and measurement accuracy.

Material 5: Photo paper material: Advantages: light and thin, non-reflective, low cost, easy to make. The disadvantage is that it is not waterproof or oil-proof.

Material 6: Film Material: Film is also a film, which generally consists of five parts: protective film, photosensitive emulsion, adhesive layer, film base, and anti-halation layer. When light is irradiated on the silver halide, the silver halide turns into black silver, which is fixed on the film base after the development process and becomes a common black and white negative film. Color negative films are coated with three layers of silver halide to express the three primary colors.

About calibration board selection:

1. Select the size of the calibration board:

Choose the appropriate calibration board according to the size of the field of view. The halcon document recommends that the size of the calibration board pattern is at least larger than 1/4 field of view and smaller than the entire field of view, and 15-20 calibration images are taken; it is recommended that the pattern of the calibration board be larger than 1/3 field of view , Is smaller than the entire field of view, and the number of calibration images depends on the requirements; for the halcon12 version of the calibration board, it is recommended that the calibration board pattern is larger than the field of view area, and there are about 5 calibration images in different poses; the halcon12 version of the calibration board currently only supports halcon12, but halcon12 Version of the software can use the calibration board of the previous version.

2. How to choose the material of the calibration plate:

Please choose ceramic/metal material calibration board for front light source to avoid reflection. The backlight can be made of optical glass.

3. The content of the calibration board drawing is as follows:

1. Need to attach materials

2. Precision

3. Overall dimension tolerance, thickness

4. Production effect drawings: the classification of positive and negative boards. (If you consider the price factor, you need to emphasize how many magnifications are allowed to see defects below)

5. Need to provide detailed CAD drawings (drawings are best not to draw scale drawings). The above is the complete information of making the calibration board

The accuracy of our calibration board can be 1um. The color can be dark yellow, blue, silver, and dark blue. Positioning holes can be drilled on the board, and the size can be made into a large-scale calibration board of 800*960mm to meet the needs of customers for large-field calibration.


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